Tipheret, 6, Consciousness and Harmony, Balancing, Devotion, Compassion, Beauty, Contained Within The Pillar of Moderation and Olam Yetzirah, Corresponding to Raphael and the Sun.

omg my stuff

severely under construction!!!!!

i do a lot of things - i draw traditionally and digitally, i design characters, i write original, fan, collaborative (rp), and media critical work, i knit and crochet, i'm learning to code (that's what all this is), and i make twine games! whoo. i lose track of them all very easily so i'm collecting what i can here

External Links

here's what i'm not hosting on neocities right now

  • art tumblr - mostly for finished digital pieces i wanna show off
  • toyhouse - for my ocs, also has most of my other art
  • ao3 - my sfw fanfics, almost entirely tf2

Individual Projects

this is for ongoing/unfinished work i've put into something that has a name, and links if it's hosted anywhere. bolded are my main priorites currently

  • this site - after the site is functional on a base level i wanna add a gallery of my fave art pieces, post original writing i haven't put elsewhere, make shrine pages for my kins and fave medias, make a list of recs, and maybe more!
  • abaddon's pillar - an 18+ twine game set in an original take on hell and everything within. currently in very early alpha but i'll host here when it's more than two seconds of game
  • growing my adult fiction empire into something that even exists
  • fully finished toyhouse pages
  • loving stone - on indefinite but impermanent hiatus, my future book and/or college thesis on stone sexuality
  • a reading list of the best lesbian and transgender literature from the 20s-00s
  • getting into media critique for real and posting it somewhere as if my opinions are special